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I am a Web Designer and

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My Projects

My Recent Projects

Here you can see some of my recent projects that I've been working on. A describtion of them are placed inside the images. Enjoy!



A Project I made on my own, graphics, web UI Design, and the coding, all hand crafted with love and passion!

Christiania Redesign

Christiania Redesign

A Redesign for the freetown Christiania's website, made as a school exam project, a project that turned out to be quite challenging.

Portfolio PDF

PDF Portfolio

A Portfolio about me, but not a web version, instead a portfolio as a .pdf. A different approach that I hope you check out!

Design Culture Now

Design Culture Now!

A Poster design for Design Culture Now. This was a school project made individually. The outcome is truly amazing!

Soundlion Brand Character


A brand character made for a fictional brand "Sound Lion" The roar sound!

Baboon City Hjemmeside

Baboon City Project

The final outcome of the 2nd semester exams, a website with character for Baboon City in Herning, the most exciting project to date.

My Skills


My primary skill is web designing, with html in one hand and css in the other, I put love and devotion into crafting user friendly websites.

UI & UX Design

No user interface without user friendliness. I put an honor into being able to give the users an experience when using my websites.

Website Optimization

SEO is a major topic today, and nothing goes unoptimized. Websites needs to be made for speed, and that's excactly what I do. I create all my websites optimized, to ensure the best SEO ranking and furthermore lightning fast loads.

Graphics Design

This is a skill I would love to improve. Graphics can be implemented nicely almost everywehere, and give a brilliant flair to webpages, and sends the message clearly.

My Skills By Numbers

Throughout the last 3-4 years, I've acquired quite a few skills, from my first searches on Google to installing my first texteditor, to completing courses on codecadamy. I have come far, but I never believe that I can truly mater anything, especially not in the ever chaning world of the interweb. HTML and CSS is my greatest skills even to this day. It's the only two languages that I can type by hand. I am currently seeking to improve on PHP and espeically in the context of CMS solutions.


About Me

About Jesper Gjødvad Andersen

My name is Jesper Gjødvad Andersen, I am a multimediadesigner/Web Designer from Denmark. I've been interested in the production of digital solutions for a little over 3 years now. Throughout the years, I've gathered a lot skill and still seeking to get better! As a person I would describe my self as being calm, realistic and perfectionistic. Most of my days are spent studying multimediadesign, and spending time with my girlfriend. Furthermore is my spare time job, where I work as a weekend salesman for STS Biler (Toyota), in my hometown Ikast.
I unwind through my hobbies, those are cooking and playing guitar. I might be an average guy, but I deliver above average digital products.

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